Muhammad Muhiyyudin Ibn ul Arabi, also known as Shaykh ul Akar "The Supreme Shaykh" is one of the most influential scholars of the history.



He was born in Murcia, Taifa on Sunday, 17th of Ramaḍān, 560 AH (25 July 1165 AD) at night.


His father and uncle were great Spiritual masters of their time.


He wrote more than 240 influential books including:

  • Futuhat e Makkiya (Or "The Meccan Openings) - A Seven Volume Book of Tasawwuf
  • Fusus ul Hikam (The Seals of Wisdom)
  • Tafsir Ibn al Arabi - more than 90 volumes


He was regarded as a great saint by Ahmad Sirhindi, Jalal u Din Suyuti etc.

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